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Landscape Removal Handouts

Below are numerous links to information to make an informed decision before you cut down any trees or vegetation on your property. 

The following handouts will help determine whether a permit is required and provide additional information.

Front Setback Tree Removal Application
Historic and Specimen Trees List
Landscape Compliance Requirements
Landscape Design Standards for Water Conservation
Landscape Plan Requirements
Street Tree Removal Application
Tree and Landscaping Checklist
Tree and Landscaping Submittal Sheet
Vegetation Removal Permit - Questions & Submittal Requirements

Helpful Links 
Below are some additional links that provide helpful information.

Forestry Program for more information on tree regulations
Storm Water Management Program (SWMP)
Water Conservation for more information on sustainable landscaping

Contact Information
The tree and landscaping ordinances are applied by the Planning Division in the Community Development Department and the Forestry Program in the Parks and Recreation Department.

To contact Planning Staff, please call the Planning Counter at (805) 564-5578 or visit the offices at 630 Garden Street between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM during City business days.

To contact Forestry Staff, please call the Forestry Program at (805) 564-5433.  Their offices are located at 402 E. Ortega Street during City business days.

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