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City Flood Zones

In an effort to make flood insurance affordable, promote flood resilient development in flood hazard areas, and receive flood disaster resources during an emergency, the City joined the in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in 1978.  

The NFIP studies and assesses flood risks, includes regulations that minimize flood losses and assists in flood disaster recovery.  Estimated flood risk is communicated by Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs).  The City’s first FIRMs were established by FEMA in 1978 and are updated based on rainfall and/or topographic changes that occur over time.  On November 4, 2015, FEMA will begin using updated FIRMs for the City of Santa Barbara.  The changes in these new FIRMs will effect the need and cost of flood insurance at hundreds of parcels in the City.  Some properties will no longer need to buy flood insurance and others will begin purchasing flood insurance for the first time.  Others, may see their annual flood insurance policy costs go up or down from previous years.

Using the reference map and links below, you can determine the flood risk for a property as well as find flood hazard and insurance contact information.  Contact a local floodplain manager for flood hazard determinations and development regulations.  Or, contact an NFIP representative to answer flood insurance coverage and estimate insurance costs.  Designing development so that it is flood resilient and obtaining a means to pay for flood damage will better prepare Santa Barbara for flood disaster events.  Floods will continue to occur in Santa Barbara.  Will you be ready?

City maps of area effected by FEMA changes

City of Santa Barbara 2012 FEMA Flood Zone Map
City of Santa Barbara 2015 FEMA Flood Zone Map

City of Santa Barbara 2015 FEMA Flood Zone Changes

Flood Insurance Info


National Flood Insurance Program - Insurance Experts

FEMA Help Center at:  1-888-379-9531

Last Updated: Feb 1, 2016
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