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Estancia Lottery

Affordable Homes at Estancia

Lottery Results 

The Lottery Results are listed in alphabetical order based on the primary applicant’s last name. The applicant first drawn (“Lottery #1”) will be invited to submit their qualification documentation to the City. Failure to deliver all required documentation within two-weeks from the date of notification shall be cause for disqualification. If the applicant first drawn (“Lottery #1”) is fully qualified, they will be issued an approval letter and shall get first selection of a unit. Qualification documentation is valid for a 90-day period. Should the applicant first drawn (“Lottery #1”) not fully qualify, the applicant with the next lottery number will be invited to go through the City’s full qualification process. This process continues until there is a fully qualified occupant purchaser for each available affordable unit.  

Lottery Results


Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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