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Mobilehome Rent Control

The Mobilehome Rent Control Program is a component of the City of Santa Barbara's Community Development Department. In August 1984, the City of Santa Barbara adopted the Mobilehome and Recreational Vehicle Park Lease Ordinance. The purpose of the Ordinance is to protect persons of limited economic means from the disruption and expense of relocation and to provide increased certainty to park residents of their ability to maintain their status while providing park owners with a fair return on their investments and the continuing ability to maintain their parks. Owners are limited to no more than one rent increase per year with a maximum increase of 3% or ¾ of the increase in the CPI since the last rent increase, whichever is greater. Any rent increase exceeding this limit as well as disputes regarding other lease terms are subject to binding arbitration.

City Staff:

  • Provide information to mobilehome owners and park owners regarding the ordinance
  • Facilitate arbitration when needed
View the City's Mobilehome & Recreational Vehicle Park Lease Regulations.
Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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