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Human Services

For more than two decades, the City of Santa Barbara has allocated General Funds to support organizations that provide direct human services to low-income City residents. Until 1986, the Federal government provided funds for this purpose through the Federal Revenue Sharing Program. When Federal support was eliminated, the City Council continued its commitment to this endeavor with the Human Services grant program.

Funding Priorities for the Human Services program are:

First Priority -  Programs that help meet basic human needs and/or reduce the community impact of homelessness and/or reduce the community impact of gang violence by providing services directly to gang-involved youth; and

Second Priority - Programs that are preventative in nature and/or promote the highest degree of functioning the individual is capable of achieving.

Human Service grant funds shall be used to provide direct services; funds shall not be used for capital improvements, equipment purchases, mortgage payments, or programs that are inherently of an artistic/cultural nature. Art or cultural organizations may visit the Santa Barbara Arts Commission to learn about funding opportunities.

Last Updated: Jan 3, 2022
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