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West BeachWaterfront

Neighborhood Boundaries

Area: Approximately 175 acres
Northeast: By Yanonali and Chapala streets and Kimberly Avenue
Northwest: By Montecito Street, Castillo Street, and Highway 101
Southeast: By Cabrillo Boulevard and Shoreline Drive
Southwest: By the western property line of Santa Barbara City College

Schools, Parks, & Places of Interest

Approximately half the land area of the West Beach neighborhood is given over to City College. In addition, the area contains Pershing Park, which is shared with City College for athletic facilities. West Beach also contains Ambassador Park, located within the motel strip on Cabrillo Boulevard, Plaza del Mar, and the Moreton Bay Fig Tree. The neighborhood shopping facility located on Montecito Street serves the oceanfront residential and motel areas in the vicinity. The recently developed Maritime Museum is located in the old Naval Reserve Building. While not shown in this neighborhood graphic Stearn's Wharf is also located here. The newly remodeled Railroad Depot is also in this neighborhood.

Neighborhood Profile

Sometimes known as the Ambassador area, the West Beach neighborhood is characterized by a combination of Spanish-style motels along the ocean frontage, which merge into an attractive residential area of single- and multiple-family dwellings behind Cabrillo Boulevard. The General Plan calls for a density of twelve dwelling units to the acre which is reflected in the R-4 zoning covering the area. Although the residential population of West Beach increased in recent years as a result of new apartment construction, it is anticipated that substantial portions of existing residential areas will be converted into motel uses. Therefore, it will be likely that West Beach will experience a net loss in residential population. The General Plan reflects this trend by expanding the area designated for mixed hotel and residential development as far toward the ocean as Mason Street.

Last Updated: Jan 23, 2020
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