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East BeachWaterfront

Neighborhood Boundaries

Area: Approximately 377 acres
North: Highway 101
South: Cabrillo Boulevard
East: The City limits
West: Santa Barbara Street

Schools, Parks, & Places of Interest

To the east of Milpas Street, the East Beach neighborhood has hotel and apartment development adjacent to a substantial number of public facilities: A Child's Estate (Santa Barbara Zoo), Andree Clark Bird Refuge, Dwight Murphy Field, Cabrillo Ball Park, Chase Palm Park which was recently expanded on the north side of Cabrillo Blvd. and now includes a carousel, the newly developed Skate Park on the south side of Cabrillo Blvd., and the adjoining beaches beyond Palm Park.

Neighborhood Profile

The East Beach neighborhood is currently given over to a diverse mix of industrial, hotel-motel, residential, and public facility uses. The area north of Cabrillo Boulevard, between Santa Barbara and Milpas streets, is presently a mix of industrial development and vacant land. Currently zoned for manufacturing uses, the General Plan calls for a mix of hotel and residential development in this area. Before residential or hotel development could occur, therefore, it is necessary to change the zoning so that it conforms with the General Plan.

Last Updated: Apr 2, 2014
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