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West MesaMesa

Neighborhood Boundaries

Area: Approximately 344 acres
North: Cliff Drive and by existing development oriented toward Cliff Drive
South: The Pacific Ocean
East: A line running along Meigs Road to the ocean
West: Arroyo Beach Park

Schools, Parks, & Places of Interest

The West Mesa contains the Monroe Elementary School. The southern portion of Ellings Park which was acquired from the Jesuit property is currently County land. Douglas Family Preserve (formerly known as the Wilcox Property) is a recently designated park.

Neighborhood Profile

Most of the West Mesa neighborhood is shown in a density classification of five dwelling units per acre. Development here is quite similar to East Mesa and the discussion of single-family development in East Mesa is relevant here. The West Mesa contains most of the Mesa Shopping Center surrounded by some duplex and multiple-dwelling development.

Last Updated: Apr 2, 2014
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