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Alta MesaMesa

Neighborhood Boundaries

Area: Approximately 651 acres
North: By the base of the steep hillside
South: The existing development oriented to Cliff Drive
East: Loma Alta Drive on the east
West: By the City limits

Schools, Parks, & Places of Interest

Parks in the area include Hilda Ray, Escondido, La Coronilla, and the Honda Valley and Thornbury properties. Two city reservoirs are in the neighborhood. The McKinley Elementary School is located in the Alta Mesa area.

Neighborhood Profile

The topography in this entire area varies from rolling to steep. It is almost entirely zoned E-1 permitting lot sizes of 15,000 square feet. When minimum lot sizes were smaller, the development trend had been to standard subdivisions in which lots too small for the topography were created. Improved regulations effecting grading and lot size alters this situation so that appropriate development will take place on the remaining vacant land.

Most of the land has been developed or committed to public use. The steep hills along the northern border have been classified as major hillside open spaces by the Open Space Element and have been zoned A-1 and A-2. Still more restrictive zoning will probably be appropriate for these areas.

Last Updated: Apr 2, 2014
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