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CampanilLas Positas

Neighborhood Boundaries

Area: Approximately 427 acres
North: Arroyo Burro Creek
South: The ocean
East: The City limits line
West: Hope Ranch

Schools, Parks and Places of Interest

The area contains Arroyo Burro Beach County Park.

Neighborhood Profile

Most of this area is in large parcels which are either vacant or contain single-family dwellings. The exception to this is the Braemar Tract, a single-family, small-lot development on steep topography, which presents a vivid picture of improper subdivision techniques. Some areas of undeveloped land with steep topography still exist within the City on which this poor type of subdivision is possible. In order to prevent a recurrence of this sort of development, the City has, over the past several years, rezoned many such areas to lower density zones. Also, protective measures such as environmental impact review, grading review and the Open Space Element have been adopted.

The Campanil neighborhood has been shown on the General Plan at a density of one dwelling unit per acre. Existing covenants cover most of the southerly portion of the Braemar area and restrict lot sizes to a minimum of 1.25 acres. Neither the General Plan nor the zoning affects the contractual stipulations contained in the deed restrictions.

Last Updated: Apr 2, 2014
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