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Neighborhood Boundaries

Area: Approximately 445 acres
North: Canon Perdido Street
South: Highway 101
East: The base of the Riviera
West: The rear of the commercial strip along the east side of Milpas Street

Schools, Parks, & Places of Interest

The Eastside contains the Franklin Elementary school. Sunflower Park and Eastside Neighborhood Park, adjacent to Franklin School, are located here. Sycamore Creek runs through much of the Eastside. The Eastside area also contains the Municipal Tennis Courts.

Neighborhood Profile

Throughout most of the Eastside, the General Plan calls for a density of twelve dwelling units to the acre. This is an area of modest homes with a scattering of duplex and apartment development. Although most of the area above approximately Carpinteria Street is zoned R-2, only marginal duplex development has taken place. In the northeast corner of the Eastside, above approximately Cota Street and east of Soledad Street, development consists entirely of single-family homes. The General Plan recognizes the small-lot, single-family development now on the land, and seeks to preserve it with a density of five dwelling units to the acre in order to provide an area for moderate-cost, single-family housing situated within walking distance to both shopping and employment areas.

Below Carpinteria Street, the General Plan also calls for twelve dwelling units to the acre, but here the current zoning is R-3. Mixed with a considerable number of single-family homes, some new multiple dwellings have been constructed in this area. To the east of Salinas Street, however, in order to insure a lower density for future development, the area is zoned R-2.

The area close to the freeway is now zoned for trailer parks and there is considerable development of this type, although much of it is substandard at present. The General Plan considers trailer parks a proper use for the area and proposes that they continue, but in a somewhat improved and different manner. The location of this area close to the freeway, and within one-fourth mile of the beach, indicates that it is an excellent site for facilities catering to the vacation and weekend traveler. A pedestrian underpass beneath Highway 101 and the railroad tracks would bring the area within a safe and easy walking distance of the ocean and would do much to stimulate the construction of vacation trailer park facilities.

Last Updated: Apr 2, 2014
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