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Oak ParkDowntown

Neighborhood Boundaries

Area: approx. 437 acres North: Mission CreekSouth: Sola Street East: State Street West: Highway 101

Schools, Parks, & Places of Interest

The neighborhood contains the Schott Center and Oak Park where annual ethnic festivals are held. Cottage Hospital takes up a significant portion of this neighborhood.

Neighborhood Profile

The Oak Park area, much like West Downtown, is an area containing older homes that are gradually being replaced with apartments. Development in the northern section above Mission Street has been influenced by Cottage Hospital and the medical complex surrounding it. Here, the neighborhood has been experiencing a continuous transition from residential to office and apartment use. Away from the hospital and south of Mission Street, the existing mixture of cottages, Victorian homes, and older apartments is being altered by new small-scale apartment developments.

The General Plan calls for a density of twelve dwelling units to the acre for most of this neighborhood. Almost half of Oak Park's land that is now in residential use is zoned R-4, and the residential land adjacent to the hospital area is zoned R-3. For the residential area to the west of State Street between Mission Street and Constance Avenue, the General Plan calls for a low density of five dwelling units to the acre. This stable, single-family area should be maintained, and present zoning conforms to the General Plan with an E-3 designation. The C-O zoning around Cottage Hospital extends one block to the north, east, and south, and two blocks to the west. This is an expansion of the C-O zone which has been necessary to accommodate doctors offices, clinics, and laboratories.

The section of State Street between Mission and Micheltorena streets is substantially developed in accordance with the General Offices and Hotel designation given in the General Plan.

Last Updated: Apr 2, 2014
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