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Videos of the Historic Architectural Styles

 These videos are a companion to the written Historic Architectural Styles of Santa Barbara Guide. Each chapter illustrates a brief history and describes the character-defining features of an historic architectural style important to the heritage of Santa Barbara. Each video on a specific style is approximately three minutes long and the chapter can then be printed from the guide (click here to read the printed guide). The brief architectural styles guide and videos are designed to provide the basic tools necessary to recognize some of the prevalent historic architectural styles that exist within Santa Barbara. This is only a selection of styles and more styles of Santa Barbara architecture will be added as they are completed. 

Architectural Style Videos
Architectural Style Introduction
Architectural Style Credits
Gothic Revival
Queen Anne
 Queen Anne Free Classic
Folk Victorian
English Vernacular and Tudor
American Colonial Revival
Italian Mediterranean
Spanish Colonial Revival
Mission Revival

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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