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About The Historic Resources Database

The data entry into Santa Barbara Historic Resources Database is ongoing so please note the following:

  • The City's Historic Resources Database includes information on properties identified as eligible for designation through professional intensive level neighborhood surveys and historic resource assessments.
  • The current focus is to provide all City Survey records (DPR Forms) available for public viewing. If you do not find information on a specific property in the database, it may mean that the property has not yet been surveyed or assessment of historic significance has not been completed.
  • The database currently includes a significant percentage of data on resources listed as City Landmarks, Structures of Merit, Potential Historic Resources, and neighborhoods that have been surveyed. Data on the resources will be enhanced over time.
  • Until all historic resource data is compiled in the Santa Barbara Historic Resources Database, continue to search for historic resource properties in in the historic resources lists at ( or Contact the Santa Barbara Urban Historian to find out more information on a property (
  • Data from recent surveys and historic resource assessments completed by the Community Development Department, Planning Division, Urban Historian will be added to Database over time.
Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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