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Contributions & Our CommunityCharitable Giving 2017

Make Your Donation Now!

Our City’s goal is to raise dollars for local people in need. A small contribution can do so much for our community. A donation of just a few dollars out of each paycheck through payroll deduction can make a significant impact on the lives of those that need it most over a year’s time. (Example: if each city employee donated $3.00 per pay period that amount would produce $84,000 per year! There is strength in numbers!)

United Way is not just for those individuals that are "at risk" or poverty level. It is for all of us: many donors have found themselves recipients of services such as job training, child care scholarships, counseling, and many other services.

All of the donations made by City employees stay in Santa Barbara County unless they are designated for outside of the area. A significant amount of the contributions stay in the local community through the many programs that benefit from United Way.

Here's what your dollars make possible:

  • $2 per pay period ($52 annually)
    A child will receive a book every month through United Way’s partnership with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.
  • $5 per pay period ($130 annually)
    The cost of one Jeopardy Learning Device for a school.
  • $8 per pay period ($208 annually)
    8 months of after-school tutoring and homework assistance for homeless and poverty level children at United Way’s Project Learn.
  • $14 per pay period ($364 annually)
    Send a local low-income child through United Way’s Pre-Kindergarten Institutes Program, preparing them for early academic success.
  • $20 per pay period ($520 annually)
    Provide the online Reading Plus program to 10 local students per year.
  • $30 per pay period ($780 annually)
    Provide 447 Santa Barbara County callers with access to free information and referrals from 2-1-1 for a year.
  • $40 per pay period ($1,040 annually)
    Provide 27 children with Home Play Learning Kits to help children and parents prepare for school.
  • $47 per pay period ($1,222 annually) - Leadership Level
    7 weeks of education and social enrichment for a poverty level or homeless child at United Way's Fun in the Sun!

Thank you for making a difference!

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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