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City of Santa Barbara
Land Development Team Bulletin
Volume XCVIV, 2/14



The LDT Bulletin is one way we are increasing communication between the City and our customers. These bulletins will also be located in our lobby area at 630 Garden Street.

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New DART Handouts

The City’s Development Application Review Team (DART) Process is required for certain types of projects, such as subdivisions, Coastal Development Permits, and Conditional Use Permits.

The Planning Division has made some changes to the Development Application Review Team (DART) Submittal Packet.  The purpose of the changes is to update information based on recent changes to the Municipal Code, to clarify information, and to separate out the required submittal information from the process-related information.  As a result, we now have two handouts: 1) the Development Application Review Team (DART) Submittal Packet, which provides information required for submittal of a DART application, and 2) the Development Application Review Team (DART) Informational Packet, which provides information on the DART process.  Please be aware that some submittal requirements have changed, so please use the updated DART Submittal Packet when making a DART submittal.  

These new Handouts are available on the Planning Handouts page of the City’s website, under PLANNING COMMISSION and STAFF HEARING OFFICER.  We recommend that, for all submittals, you refer to our website to ensure that you have the latest, most up-to-date submittal information.

Questions regarding application submittal contents and process can be answered at the Planning and Zoning Counter at 630 Garden St., (805) 564-5578, or, if you are working with a specific staff member, by appointment with that Case Planner at (805) 564 5470. 

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