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City of Santa Barbara
Land Development Team Bulletin
Volume #131, 9/15/16





The LDT Bulletin is one way we are increasing communication between the City and our customers. These bulletins will also be located in our lobby area at 630 Garden Street.

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Urban storm water runoff is the single largest source of surface water pollution in Santa Barbara. Development of private property in Santa Barbara comes with the responsibility of becoming more involved in the reduction of non-point source pollutants.

Through the City’s Storm Water Management Program, California Building Codes, local municipal code and the Santa Barbara Erosion Control Policy, several layers of protection measures have been put into place to greatly reduce non-point source pollutants.

Erosion and sediment control measures are required to be in place year round for construction sites during active ground disturbance. The rainy season is of particular importance due to the increased probability of storm water runoff. The rainy season is typically looked at as October through April. The Building & Safety Division will be performing erosion control inspections for all active sites with ground disturbance prior to October 15th, or within the first week of work if construction begins after October 15th.  Prior to predicted rain events, inspections will occur on a more frequent basis. 

The links below are useful for design professionals, contractors and residents to understand the local storm water management requirements in order to provide an improved quality of water in the Santa Barbara area.

Storm Water Management Program (Clean Creeks Division)

SBMC Chapter 22.85 – Erosion and Sedimentation Control Standards for Construction
SBMC Chapter 22.87 – Storm Water Management 

Erosion & Sedimentation Control Policy (Building & Safety Division)

State Water Resources Control Board

-       For plan check questions regarding Erosion/Sedimentation Control call (805) 564-5566.
-       For inspection questions regarding Erosion/Sedimentation Control call (805) 564-5588.

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