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City of Santa Barbara
Land Development Team Bulletin
Volume #130, 9/12/16




The LDT Bulletin is one way we are increasing communication between the City and our customers. These bulletins will also be located in our lobby area at 630 Garden Street.

We hope you'll find the contents of this issue useful. However, if you prefer not to receive this publication in the future, simply send us an email to: LandDevelopmentTeam@SantaBarbaraCA.gov


City staff has been working with the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors (SBAOR) and the City’s Planning Commission on improvements to the City’s Zoning Information Report (ZIR) program.  A ZIR is required prior to the transfer of residential property, with limited exceptions, and provides information to the potential buyer regarding the zoning and permitted use of the property based on a physical site inspection and records research. A ZIR working group, made up of City staff, City Planning Commissioners, SBAOR staff, and practicing realtors, was formed to develop recommendations for improvements to the City’s ZIR process (please refer to this Council Agenda Report for a full discussion of the recommendations of the ZIR Working Group).  

The majority of the recommendations of the ZIR working group have been implemented/completed.  In addition, a new ZIR webpage has been added to the “Planning Central” section of the City’s website.  This new webpage provides a central place where information can be obtained regarding the City’s ZIR process including: the purpose and content of a ZIR; how to apply for a ZIR; what can be expected during the ZIR site inspection; and, what happens if a violation is found during preparation of a ZIR.

The ZIR webpage can be viewed at www.santabarbaraca.gov/ZIR


The City has created a guide for designing trash and recycling enclosures for commercial and multi-family residential developments. It addresses when enclosures are required, where they can be placed, and the required sizes for different types of development. This document is intended to give architects and project planners all of the tools they need to design an enclosure that will meet City standards and provide sufficient waste capacity for the building occupants. The Guide is supplemented by a Waste Generation Calculator that will estimate the amount of trash, recycling, greenwaste, and foodscraps generated by a single businesses, or a mix of businesses and residential units. The Calculator is an Excel spreadsheet, and you must have Microsoft Excel on your computer to use it. The Trash and Recycling Enclosure Design Guide and the Waste Generation Calculator are available at the Building and Safety Handouts web page. For questions about how to use the Guide and Calculator, contact Karen Gumtow at kgumtow@santabarbaraca.gov, 805-564-5677 or Dan Rowell at ddrowell@santabarbaraca.gov, 805-564-5691.

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