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City of Santa Barbara
Land Development Team Bulletin
Volume #244, 8/12/2021

New: Santa Barbara Design Standards and How to Be Informed


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Santa Barbara Design Standards Project - How to Stay Informed

Recent State legislation requires multi-unit housing projects to be reviewed and approved using objective standards—a type of regulation that does not require a judgment call to determine that it’s been met. In 2021, City Council adopted objective design standards for the limited types of multi-unit housing projects that qualify for State Senate Bill 35 permit streamlining. To further facilitate much-needed housing construction, expanded objective design standards are desired for a greater number of housing project types. To that end, the City was awarded a grant to develop Santa Barbara Design Standards over the next two years for the City’s diverse multi-unit neighborhoods. Public outreach will include community workshops, stakeholder meetings, and videos.

For updates on this project, the City has created an Objective Design Standards webpage and a Santa Barbara Design Standards Bulletin. Please visit this page and sign up to receive meeting notices and project updates. The Bulletin is also available through a MySB Subscriptions Account, Santa Barbara Design Standards Newsletters & Bulletins.

This effort is being led by the Planning Division of the Community Development Department. For questions, please contact the project manager Rosie Dyste at

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