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City of Santa Barbara
Land Development Team Bulletin
Volume #205, 1/8/2020

Fire Department Invites Public to Participate
in Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) Update


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The existing City CWPP, also known as the Wildland Fire Plan, was adopted by City Council in 2004, along with the programmatic Environmental Impact Report (EIR). Recent California fires that have devastated urban communities have heightened our community’s perception of our vulnerability to wildfire. Recognizing the need to update both the CWPP and the EIR, in 2018 City staff began to research funding options and subsequently applied for a grant from CAL FIRE. In April, CAL FIRE awarded the City a grant for $310,000.

On July 25, 2019, the Fire Department issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to professional consultants for the CWPP and EIR update, sent to over 600 potential bidders. On September 4, 2019 staff selected Dudek, a company with almost 40 years of experience in engineering and environmental consulting, as the company qualified for the project. Dudek maintains a local office a few blocks down from the Santa Barbara Fire Department on Chapala Street and are very familiar with our local wildland fire issues and the needs of a comprehensive CWPP and EIR. In 2014, they completed the City’s current Wildland Fire Evacuation Plan.

Both the CWPP and EIR are scheduled to be completed by spring 2021 in accordance with the timeframes required to maintain grant funding. The first part of the project will be to conduct a hazard and risk assessment to complete a draft CWPP. Once the framework for the CWPP is established it will be followed by a draft programmatic EIR.  The draft CWPP and EIR will be reviewed by the Planning Commission and will require final approval and certification by City Council.  

Over the coming months we will begin a public outreach campaign as a successful CWPP includes input, involvement and continued participation by the community as a whole. The updated CWPP and programmatic EIR will serve as a framework for a comprehensive long-term resiliency plan used to prioritize future wildfire hazard protection projects and foster a collaborative approach with adjacent neighborhoods and jurisdictions. This update will enhance the current plan to identify and prioritize fuel reduction treatment and other wildfire hazard mitigation activities and provide a methodology for monitoring progress and accomplishments.

Join us for the first of two Community Workshops:

February 13, 2020 @ 6 pm
Adams Elementary School, Multi-Purpose Room
2701 Las Positas Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

A comprehensive website has been established, available in both English and Spanish, and can be found by visiting:

For questions, please contact Amber Anderson, Wildland Fire Specialist, Santa Barbara City Fire Department at or (805) 564-5720.

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