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Harbor Patrol Rescues Two after Boat Sinks Nine Miles Offshore

During the evening hours of October 25, 2014 Officers Karl Halamicek and Larry Nufer responded to a report from USCG of a 26’ motor vessel that was sinking nine miles southwest of Santa Barbara Harbor with two passengers aboard. Officers quickly got underway on Patrol Boat #2 (PB#2) and entered into the GPS the last known coordinates of the sinking vessel.

While underway, the vessel sank and the two passengers abandoned ship into a small life-raft.  Darkness and three to five foot seas made locating the low-freeboard raft difficult, either visually or by radar, so Officers used an Automatic Radio Direction Finder to pinpoint the location of the victims.  Nufer and Halamicek took the victims aboard PB#2 and found them cold, but otherwise uninjured.  A USCG helicopter that responded from Los Angeles then flew overhead.  Also, the 250’ oilfield supply boat Adele Elise responded.  Harbor Patrol transported the victims safely back to Santa Barbara Harbor. 

Last Updated: Dec 21, 2018
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