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New Restrictions on Right Turns at the Carrillo/De La Vina Street Intersection

The City of Santa Barbara has prohibited right turns on a red light for all southbound De La Vina Street traffic turning right onto Carrillo Street.  New signs have been installed at the intersection of Carrillo and De La Vina Streets as a traffic safety measure.

Since 2008, there have been 14 pedestrian involved crashes at this intersection, the highest number of pedestrian involved crashes for any intersection in the city.  Ten of the 14 crashes were caused by southbound right turners on red.  By comparison, the location with the second highest number of pedestrian involved crashes since 2008 is the intersection of State and Haley Streets with seven.

The crash pattern involves a southbound driver on De La Vina Street arriving at a red light.  The driver looks left (east on Carrillo Street), for a gap in traffic to turn right.  In the meantime, a pedestrian legally begins crossing in front of the southbound driver from west to east on Carrillo Street.  When the driver finds a suitable gap in traffic, they proceed without looking right to re-check for pedestrians.

For additional information, please contact Derrick Bailey, Supervising Transportation Engineer, at 564-5544.

Last Updated: May 16, 2014
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