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Help Keep our Waterfront Clean

As we gear up for socially distanced summer beach visits, we need to be mindful that litter on the beach ends up in the ocean.

If a container is full, please place it in a nearby container or bring it home with you. Overfilling containers or placing trash around the containers scatters litter around our beautiful beaches.

There are over 200 public containers installed at the waterfront as determined by normal and seasonal generation of trash at these locations. Public containers are there to support the cleanliness of these areas, but as always, when we generate trash in a public space it's our responsibility to dispose of that trash in a proper manner whether it be in an available container or at home. We have increased servicing and litter collection at this time, and we are now asking the public to do their part in keeping our beaches clean.

Last Updated: Dec 21, 2018
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