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Temporary Suspension of 10 Cent Bag Charge

City Council Adopts Measure to temporarily halt the $0.10 bag charge requirement as established in Single-Use Carryout Ordinance (SBMC Section 9.150.040). 

As a business covered by the single-use bag ordinance, what should I know?

  • You may waive, rebate or reimburse the $0.10 customer bag charge throughout the duration of the emergency declaration.
  • The $0.10 bag charge must resume once the emergency declaration is lifted.
  • Businesses may choose to continue charging $0.10 or more for reusable plastic bags and single-use paper bags but they are not required to during this emergency declaration.
  • Single-use plastic bags are still banned.

Are reusable bags safe for our staff and customers during this pandemic?

Yes. Please follow the guidance linked here from Cal-OSHA.

If customers bring their own bags, ensure: 

  • Bags are not placed on conveyor belts or any other area outside of shopping carts. 
  • Bags make no contact with employees. 
  • Customers bag their own groceries. 
  • Customers do not bag groceries in the checkout area if they cannot maintain physical distancing. Groceries can be placed in a cart and bagged elsewhere by the customer.
  • Increase the frequency of disinfection in bagging areas used by customers.

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Last Updated: Dec 21, 2018
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