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Harbor Resident Helps Save a Life

Paul Noury, a Marina 1 live-aboard on O finger, was asleep at 5:30 a.m. on October 22nd when he heard a muffled call, sort of a moan, of someone in distress.  A conscientious citizen and Harbor Watch participant, Paul had a “gut feeling” there was a problem.  He got up, grabbed his cell phone and listened for distress sounds as he walked to the end of Marina 1. 

Then he heard it again, to the east, in the direction of the sand spit.  Knowing for sure someone was in trouble. Paul called Harbor Patrol on his cell phone and reached Officer Larry Nufer.  The two responded on Patrol Boat 1 to the area of the sounds.  Looking between pilings under Stearns Wharf, a man was seen clinging to a piling.  He was thrown a line and pulled from the water.  The victim was suffering from severe hypothermia (body core temperature of 87.8° F) and was transported to Cottage Hospital.  Harbor Patrol later found the victim’s backpack containing a ¾ empty container of vodka at the end of the wharf. 

Congratulations to Paul for following up on his gut feeling and helping save a life. Harbor Patrol can be contacted twenty four hours a day on VHF Channel 16 and 12, as well as by the 911 phone system. 

Last Updated: Dec 21, 2018
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