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Sansum Clinic Launches Recycling, Saves Money

Sansum Clinic has launched a new recycling program at the Pesetas location that will keep 66% of the materials that get thrown away out of the landfill, up from 25% in previous years. They accomplished this with the help of the City Environmental Services division and consultation with the recycling experts at MarBorg.

City staff worked with the Sansum team to determine that table paper, certain plastic packaging and disposable implements could be disposed of in either the yellow compost bin or the blue recycling bin to keep them from ending up in the landfill. Visual aids were developed that illustrate the most common items found at Sansum and which container they go in; compost or recycling.

In addition, all exam rooms were outfitted with yellow and blue bins to collect the recyclable materials. City staff then evaluated the trash service at Sansum Pesetas and made some changes to the existing service which included the addition of a compost (foodscraps) dumpster to replace one of the trash dumpsters. The overall effect of the staff training and visual aids, addition of recycling bins to exam rooms and the service change doesn’t just affect what ends up in the landfill, it also has a large financial impact for Sansum, a savings of several hundred dollars per month. The Sansum Pesetas recycling program is a pilot that will be implemented at the rest of the Sansum campuses in the near future, resulting in a sizable decrease in landfilled waste at Tajiguas.

 Left to Right: Chris McNamara, VP Professional Services; Cathy Ellis, MA, Rheumatology; Alberto Ortega, AllWays Clean; Jill Searchinger, Lead RN, Allergy; Juan Vera, AllWays Clean; Neive Tierney, City of SB, Environmental Services; Frank Hotchkiss, SB City Councilmember; Erica Morris, MA, Family Medicine; John Stampe, Manager Environmental Services; Helene Schneider, Mayor of SB; Kathleen Rodriguez, Patient Services Manager, Pesetas; Nelia Abuyen, Director, Pesetas; Vince Jensen, President and COO; Eric Lohela, City of SB, Environmental Services and Kurt Ransohoff, MD, CEO and Chief Medical Officer.

Last Updated: Dec 21, 2018
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