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Innovative Water Flushing Program

September 20, 2016 

The City is performing water main flushing using a new method that reduces water loss while ensuring water quality. Tap water within the project's daily vicinity may temporarily come out of the faucet cloudy or discolored. This does not represent a health hazard. Running cold water through your faucet for a few minutes should result in clear water. If not, please call 564-5413. Watch the Video ...

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Mason Street Bridge Update

September 13, 2016 

The Mason Street Bridge Replacement made significant progress this month with the delivery and installation of the pre-cast concrete bridge over Mission Creek. The project can now move forward with roadway work, and is anticipated to be complete in November. The new bridge will meet current structural standards, increase flood capacity, and improve safety with new lighting and landscape features. Read More ...

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Desalination Plant Update

September 6, 2016 

The plant is expected to be operational for testing in November, and able to supply water to the public in January 2017. Thanks to new technology, the facility will be more energy efficient and have less impact on the environment than when it was originally built. While desalination will make up 30% of our water supply, conservation will remain critical to meeting the City's water demands. Watch the Video ...

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