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Water Main Flushing Underway

July 26, 2016 

The City is performing water main flushing using a new method that reduces water loss while ensuring water quality. Tap water within the project's daily vicinity may temporarily come out of the faucet cloudy or discolored. This does not represent a health hazard. Running cold water through your faucet for a few minutes should result in clear water. If not, please call 564-5413. Read More ...

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New Pipes to Help Prevent Water Main Breaks

July 19, 2016 

The City will be replacing old water piping, valves, and hydrants to reduce water main breaks and conserve water in the area of Alameda Padre Serra. Water service will be disrupted for a short time while customers are connected to the new water main. Affected residents will be notified a minimum of three days in advance. Read More ...

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Powering Facilities with Solar Energy

June 28, 2016 

The City has a number of solar projects that supply electricity generated by the sun to City buildings. This array at the City's administrative offices and public works yard at 630 Garden Street provides 100% of the electricity to the facility. As a result of numerous projects, the City now obtains 37% of its energy from renewable sources.

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Upgrade to El Estero Wastewater Treatment Plant

May 10, 2016 

Modifications to El Estero's wastewater treatment process will address ongoing issues with variable secondary sewage quality, operational flexibility, and energy inefficiencies. The new process will produce higher-quality water for the production of recycled water, and will yield a higher quality of treated discharge into the ocean. Construction will take approximately two years. Read More ...

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Cliff Drive Construction to Protect Environment

May 10, 2016 

A second sewer main will be installed along Cliff Drive, between Alan Road and Mesa Lane, to provide additional protection to the environment, in case of a sewer main failure. It will also allow City crews to take the existing sewer main out of service for maintenance and repairs, when necessary. Read More ...

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Thank You for Saving Water, Santa Barbara!

February 9, 2016 

Our community is doing a great job conserving water during the drought and is encouraged to keep up the good work. Since the Stage 3 Drought was declared in May 2015, the community has reduced water use by 34%. The City has been recognized as a leader in water conservation during California's historic drought. Let's keep saving together! Read More ...

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