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  • Boards & Commissions Agendas
    The City of Santa Barbara has over 30 Advisory Boards, Commissions, and Committees to advise the City Council on a wide variety of subjects. Would you like to play an important role in shaping your community? If so… apply to serve on one of the over 30 City Advisory Groups vacancies here.
  • Business Licenses
    The City of Santa Barbara lists most businesses that hold a current City Business License. The information presented here is gathered from City Business License Applications and Renewals. It is updated weekly.
  • City Charter
    The Charter of the City of Santa Barbara includes updates through the November 3, 2009, Election. The Charter was adopted by the City Council of Santa Barbara, California on May 2, 1967.
  • City Council Meeting Videos
    City Council Meetings Online features live meeting videos and archives. The "Upcoming Events" section will show you a schedule of upcoming City Council meetings. When a meeting is being broadcast, the meeting entry will have a link to the video viewer page.
  • City TV Live Stream
    Welcome to the City TV 24/7 live video stream! This is the same video feed that is also available on Cox channel 18.
  • City Videos
    On this page you will find a list of all City meetings that are streamed over the Internet. These meetings archive their videos so you can view a vast history of meetings. You will also find links to the City TV series Garden Wise, Inside Santa Barbara, as well as wonderful public service short videos of information and events in Santa Barbara.
  • Crime Statistics
    For Patrol and Reporting purposes, the City is divided into 6 Beats containing multiple Report Districts (Neighborhoods) within each Beat. Here are Burglary & Robbery Activity Maps. Offense activity for a number of California cities, including Santa Barbara, can be found at
  • Demographics
    The total area of the city of Santa Barbara was last calculated in 1998 and based on the City's Annexation Index Map: land, 21.09 square miles; water, 22 square miles; for a total of 43.09 square miles. Quick general information about the City of Santa Barbara and quick City Stats can be found here.
  • Employee Salary Information
    Starting January 1, 2015, local public agencies are required to post or link to information on the annual compensation of their elected officials, officers and employees. Under existing law, cities and special districts are required to file an annual report with the State Controller’s Office identifying the annual compensation of their officers and employees. AB 2040 extends the law so that public agencies are required to also post the same information on their own websites.
  • FAQs
    These "FAQs" are based on the questions often asked of City of Santa Barbara staff. You can use this guide to find answers to your questions.
  • Financial Transparency
    Welcome to the City of Santa Barbara's New Financial Transparency Tool. Powered by OpenGov, this tool provides user-friendly access to the City's financial data. This tool provides employees and residents alike with the ability to see the City's current budget and four prior years of revenues and expenses.
  • Municipal Code
    The City regularly posts a guide to the City Council’s adoption of ordinances revising the Municipal Code. This guide will list the ordinance number, its subject, the chapters/sections amended, and the ordinance’s effective date. These guides will be posted below under the heading “Update Guides”; they will be posted up to four times per year, shortly after a quarter-end date.
  • Online Maps (GIS)
    The City of Santa Barbara is pleased to provide MAPS (Mapping Analysis & Printing System): a publicly-accessible online mapping application. The MAPS application is designed to make City of Santa Barbara digital map data available to the Public through an internet mapping application.
  • Parcel Information
    Parcel Information Lookup, Parcel FAQ’s and GIS maps and digital orthophotos information can all be found here.
  • Parks and Recreation Camps and Activities
    View the latest Parks and Recreation activities.
  • Permit Status
    Use this link to look up case status. Links off of this page will take you to the Licenses & Permits home page, Business Licenses, and Planning Central.
  • Property Records / Plans
    Using the Property Records database you can access over 3 million images. This application gives users the ability to view public records that are available at the Records Public Counter in our 630 Garden Street facility in Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A.
  • Regulations
    Determining zoning requirements prior to signing a lease or contract is imperative. Check with the City to see if the type of business you plan to operate is legal in the desired location. View more information on Zoning, Fire, Inspection, and Building & Construction Permits from a link on this page. This refers to signage and security alarms also.
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2014
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