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  • Animal Control
    Use this link for information on the Animal Control division, and what to do about animal emergencies, bites, strays, pet licensing, shelter locations, animal safety procedures, and regulations from the City Municipal Code for your reference.
  • Building & Zoning Code Violations
    Use this link to view common building code violations, land use & sign ordinance violations, a convenient “Request for Investigation” form, our City Hotline number, and contact information for building and safety questions.
  • Crime
    This page provides you with information on a wide variety of crimes and what to do if they happen to you. Phone numbers, information and contact references for each type of crime can be found here, as well as information on filing a Police Report. This link will also take you to the SBPD site page should you need more information.
  • Graffiti Clean-up
    You can report Graffiti on the Abatement Hotline at (805) 897-2513, or use this link to report it with our “Graffiti Removal Request Form”. If you should see Graffiti in progress, please call 911.
  • Pollution
    Pollution falls under our Water Quality Enforcement Program. Call the Enforcement Hotline at (805) 897-2688, or submit a report using this link. The Creeks Division enforces violations of the City Code, so if you should see activities such as discharging of paint, and even overuse or water waste, please use the form on this page. Fines for the offenses can be found here as well. To report illegal dumping please call 805-963-1852.
  • Street and Sidewalk Damage
    This page contains the form to submit for Street and Sidewalk Repair issues. If you would like a return call, please be sure to check that option on the form. This is an easy way for you to contact the Public Works Department with any street safety issues you see of concern to you. This link will also take you to the Street Maintenance Home Page which has a wealth of information and other maintenance forms, as well as information on sandbags for upcoming storms. Traffic Signal issues should be reported immediately by our hotline phone number: (805) 560-7569
  • Street Sign Repair or Streetlight Outage
    This page provides links to the forms to use for our Street Sign Repair Form, and our Streetlight Outage Form. They are easy to submit for your convenience, and include the option of receiving a return phone call or email in order to provide you with excellent customer service. Traffic Signal issues should be reported immediately by our hotline phone number: (805) 560-7569
  • Tree Down / Road Conditions
    This is an FAQ page which covers such questions as road closures and reopening, pothole repairs, reporting a sidewalk uplifted by tree roots, problems on an underpass, or on the on-ramp to the freeway, and also current highway conditions. Answers to where you can get sandbags during a storm, file street safety reports, how to report your view being obstructed by vegetation, and who can remove a damaged tree on public land can all be found here.
  • Water Main Break
    Use this Public Works Page for Water Main breaks. For After Hours Emergencies call (805) 963-4286. This page also contains contacts for Water Resources Personnel as well as office locations and their mailing address.
  • Water Waste
    To report water waste in the City of Santa Barbara, you call the Water Conservation Hotline at (805) 564-5460, or fill out the form on this link. Report any observed over-watering, sprinkler overspray, or other violations of Stage 2 Drought Regulations. The City of Santa Barbara can only enforce regulations within the City limits.
Last Updated: Dec 12, 2014
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