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  • Latest City News
    The City News Center has the most current news and information about what is happening in your City and what is important for you to know.
  • Outdoor Dining License
    The Outdoor Dining Program allows restaurateurs the opportunity to enter into an agreement with the City to use a portion of the public right of way for outdoor dining purposes.
  • Oversized Vehicle Permit
    In certain circumstances, eligible persons may apply for permits to park Oversized Vehicles on City streets. Temporary, Contractor, and Disability Oversized Vehicle Permits are subject to SBMC Section 10.44.220 and the adopted Rules and Regulations, in addition to all other state and local laws.
  • Parking Ticket Information
    Use this link to access overall answers regarding parking tickets, and how to pay in person or online.
  • Sandbags
    When a "Flash Flood Watch" is issued by National Weather Service and confirmed by City of Santa Barbara Public Works Officials, the City will open the Sandbag Station and make sandbags available to residents free of charge.
  • Water Checkup
    All City of Santa Barbara water customers are encouraged to get a free water checkup to assess water usage on your property and identify ways to save water and money on water bills.
  • Water or Trash Service
    Find help links for turning-on, maintaining and paying for utility services in the City of Santa Barbara.
  • Website Help
    The City of Santa Barbara is committed to the goal of providing the best website experience we can to all of our visitors. The Website Help section provides useful information for using the City website as well as a form to contact City staff for personal assistance.
Last Updated: Dec 11, 2014
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