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How do I find information on the City Website
  • Bids & Proposals
    The General Services Division of the City of Santa Barbara buys a wide variety of materials and services necessary to make Santa Barbara a quality community in which to live, work, and play. Find bid announcement instructions, and projects out to bid here.
  • Budget Information
    Find Revenue News, our new Financial Transparency Tool, Budget Information and Archives, the City’s Investment Program, Comparative Indicators Report and the Annual Performance Management Program Reports here.
  • Business Resources
    Local businesses play a significant role in ensuring Santa Barbara’s uniqueness and quality of life. Each business takes steps to protect the safety of its customers and employees. This site provides essential information to help you understand City regulations and services available for your business needs. Together with instructional videos, you can find answers to frequently asked questions and learn activities that require approval.
  • City History
    Here you will find an historic timeline, information on the El Pueblo Viejo, Airport History, and a Photo Gallery of historic buildings of Santa Barbara.
  • City Hotline Phone Numbers
    Use this link to find major City Hotline Phone Numbers for your help and convenience.
  • Golf Course
    The Santa Barbara Golf Club is a public 18-hole par 70 course that includes a practice putting green and driving range; pro shop; lessons; cart and club rentals; and a restaurant/bar. Easily accessible from the 101 freeway.
  • Household Hazardous Waste Collection Site
    Industrial hazardous waste is just the tip of the iceberg. Many of the products under your sink and in your garage are toxic and should not be released into the environment. Find out where Hazardous Waste should go. Find Drop-off locations and what is accepted where.
  • Libraries
    Visit our new Libraries site! A robust calendar and search engine will help you find just what you need. The abundance of wonderful programs and events, as well as tutoring options are easy to find. Locations, hours and directions are also posted.
  • Parking
    Santa Barbara has safe, clean and inexpensive parking throughout the downtown area. Here you will find links to Airport Parking, Downtown Parking, Holiday Parking Enforcement, Street Sweeping Schedule, and Waterfront Parking, including helpful maps.
  • Parks, Open Spaces & Trails
    Our parks have a wonderful new interactive Parks Map. Use it to find information on any park you like. Hours, locations, directions are easy to find. Links to the divisions of Parks, Recreation, Creeks, Golf, Key Initiatives, and a blog can all be found here.
  • Summer Camps
    Find the perfect Santa Barbara Summer Camps for your child!
  • Transportation Resources
    The Transportation Division of City of Santa Barbara Public Works is comprised of many activities that support all modes of transportation to serve Santa Barbara, including Downtown Parking services, Streets Maintenance and Transportation Planning projects, programs, land development review, and long-range planning. Contacts for all of these projects can be found here.
  • Youth Activities
    Here you will find links to youth camps for all ages, Inclusion services, the Police Activities League, and the Public Library system schedule of events.
Last Updated: Dec 11, 2014
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