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Volunteer Opportunities

  • Airport Ambassador Program
    Share Ambassadors to the Santa Barbara Airport provide patrons with friendly, informed service that expedites their travel plans and enhances their experience with our Airport.
  • City Advisory Groups
    The City of Santa Barbara is seeking individuals to serve on the various City Advisory Groups. Currently the City has 43 advisory groups and the members of these groups play an important role in shaping our community.
  • Community Park Volunteer Days
    The Parks Division holds Community Park Volunteer Days throughout the year. These are organized events at one or several parks. This is a good opportunity to meet your neighbors and have some fun while you help beautify the City.
  • Creeks
    Community involvement in Creeks Division activities is essential to the long-term health of our creeks and beaches, and volunteer events provide a great opportunity for interested community members to learn more about our programs and the local environment.
  • Library
    Volunteers increase the quality and breadth of Library services for everyone in the community. Thank you for considering contributing your time and skills.
  • Park Volunteer Program
    The Parks Division has several volunteer opportunities available. If you love the outdoors, appreciate our city parks, and want to learn about horticulture or restoration work, we have the job for you! Jobs involve horticulture, native habitat restoration, gardening, rose and tree pruning, pond maintenance, planter refurbishing, and weeding.
  • Police Reserve Corps
    The Police Reserve Corps is a volunteer group who has gone through essentially the same selection process as regular officers. Reserve officers receive additional specialized training in order to assist specialty units on an as-needed basis.
  • Youth Volunteer Opportunities
    Become a volunteer at any one of our three neighborhood centers. Develop new skills and establish a strong network of peers and other community professionals and at the same time support your neighborhood. Each neighborhood center has a variety of ongoing projects and programs needing your help.
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018
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