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Teri Jory

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I'm Teri Jory and I'm running for City Council District 2.

I’m not a career politician and have never run for public office. The reason I’ve decided it’s important to run is because our city is at a crossroads and needs fresh leadership with an independent voice.  I’m a small business owner and been a very busy working mother of twins. In 2015 my daughter, who’s a ballerina was awarded a scholarship from the State Department to train at the Bolshoi ballet in Moscow, Russia. The editor of The Mesa Paper wanted to do a story on her, and then proceeded to recruit me to be on the Board of Our Mesa Neighborhood. That was my first foray into grassroots organizing where I experienced making a difference in my neighbor’s lives. I saw what was broken, fixed it, and achieved success after success.

With the support of the Fire Department, I’ve implemented the Mesa Safe Program; in collaboration with the Mesa Business Association, I’ve successfully advocated for Cliff Drive crosswalks and a pedestrian/bike path from Hendry’s to Rancheria - so our children have safe routes to school, our bikers are safer, and our environment cleaner; I’m working with The Mesa Architects for a community self-sustaining garden on the island in front of Rose Café; and creating an Arts Renaissance on the Mesa covering the ugly traffic utility boxes with local artists.  I’ve had several people from all political points of view encourage me to run for public office. For me, all politics is local and believe I can have the greatest impact on my community close to home.
As President of Our Mesa Neighborhood I work to bring residents, business owners, and community leaders with divergent views together to discuss issues, reach consensus and move forward to solve problems. That’s the type of leadership we need more of at City Hall. I want to bring my collaborative leadership skills to City Council and do more for the 2ndDistrict and the entire City of Santa Barbara at this time when our City is at a crossroads - with an opportunity to shape Santa Barbara’s future for years to come.

We need to enhance public safety, return to being an environmental leader, invigorate our local economy – by making it easier for local businesses to open their doors, build workforce housing in the urban core, and bring art into the community. I’m an independent voice, not beholden to any special interests, and serve all members of my community. Please reach out to me at

I would be honored to have your support and vote. Thank you!

Last Updated: Oct 1, 2019
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