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Tavis Boise

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Candidate Video Statement

My name is Tavis Boise. For years growing up, I watched as our elected leaders failed to address the coming climate crisis. Now those effects are here. Climate change is causing sea level and temperature to rise and our environmental resources to be depleted. We need to act now. Climate Change is the greatest threat to society. Droughts will increase in longevity and intensity, water will become more scarce and the species that make up the fabric of our ecosystem resources are in decline and will continue to die off. As the only City Council Candidate that will be here when the sea level rises and eats away at our shoreline and the downtown area, I have a stake in this election. The decisions we make in the next five years will effect the next 100. I’m running to give your kids and grandkids a seat at the policy table. My name is Tavis Boise and I’m running for Santa Barbara City Council’s Second District.

Last Updated: Oct 2, 2019
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