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Mike Jordan

Mike JordanMeet Mike Jordan

Candidate Video Statement

My wife and I are 30-year residents of the Mesa, are both employed locally, and have raised four children who attended our local public schools, including Santa Barbara City College.

I’ll work on our district issues such as protecting and improving our neighborhoods and their quality of life, improving safety along Cliff Drive for pedestrians, bicyclists and safe routes to schools, work to resolve continuing neighborhood impacts related to Santa Barbara City College, and protect and improve our parks, open spaces, beaches and coastline.

I’ll also work to improve the look, feel and vitality of our downtown and other business areas; focus business and housing development in locations that clearly benefit the community; improve the city processes that negatively impact economic stability; address wildfire safety reforms, ongoing drought and water resource planning, sea level rise challenges; and address upcoming public pension cost impacts.

I’ll handle district vs. city tensions this way- a decision that’s good for the city must also be good for the district, and a decision that’s good for the district must also be good for the city.  If not, the decision needs more work. 

I’ll bring the experience, knowledge and relationships to the position of over 10years as a city planning commissioner, 4years as a city water commissioner, and over 10years as a board member of both Downtown Santa Barbara and Hospitality Santa Barbara. 

I’ll bring a stabilizing presence to the current Council and focus on common sense decisions resulting from respectful and thoughtful consideration in a setting that is inclusive, transparent, allows for participation by all, and is not driven by special interest groups. 

I’m supported by local and regional elected officials, appointed community members on boards and commissions, business and non-profit groups, environmental and social justice organizations, and individual community members who have committed to a candidate that recognizes that all ideas, viewpoints, and members of our community have a voice, and that we each have a responsibility to each other and to our community to work together positively toward a better present and future.

If you live or work in the city, I would welcome your support.  If you live in District 2, I would ask for your vote for Mike Jordan for City Council. 

Mike Jordan for City Council 2019

Last Updated: Oct 1, 2019
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