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Brian Campbell

Brian CampbellMeet Brian Campbell

Candidate Video Statement

Hello everyone, I’m Brian Campbell, I’m running for City Council District 2.  And I’m running because my community of Washington School Families chose me to represent us at the City.


I am not a politician, I am a family man, and I strongly believe in community, I’m also a businessman.


My professional and personal experience will ad great value to our City.  I was a Finance Mgr, I’m a trained attorney and for the last 15 years I’ve been helping people find homes.  I’m very blessed to work with my wife, Natalie Grubb at our family company Village Properties.


We have a saying, it takes a Village.  This is such a true statement, we all need to work together and support each other.  I feel the City has forgotten that they are suppose to working for the good of ALL of us. 


Many of you may know me from Washington Elementary.  We are the family that walks to school every day with our two dogs.  Or you may know me from when I was on the PTO board for 6 years or organizing Science Night or perhaps your familiar with our company’s charity the Teachers Fund.  Children have always been a priority for us, they are our future.  I believe strongly in supporting them and keeping them safe. 


The growing homeless issue and their living on the streets in front of the elementary schools and parks where our children play is a growing public safety concern that the City is not addressing.


Homelessness is not a crime, but it is a pervasive social issue that we need to address in a humane way before it grows too large.  Did you know that according the homeless count the City published that the homeless population has grown by 21% in the last two years?  Did you know the City declared a state of emergency and received a $2 million dollar HEAP grant to address the homeless. Did you know that I’m the only candidate talking about these issues?


Santa Barbara is a beautiful City, it’s why I chose to move here as a young professional. But we do have issues and these issues need to be addressed before we become a Seattle or San Francisco.  We need to stop kicking the can down the road.


My name is Brian Campbell and I’m running for office because your Voice Counts!  I’m running for you, for our children. I’m prepared to stand for what’s right in our community today. Please visit my website to learn more about me and how you can help.


Thank you for your vote.

Last Updated: Oct 1, 2019
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