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Frank Hotchkiss

Frank HotchkissMeet Frank Hotchkiss

Candidate Video Statement

Hello, I’m Frank Hotchkiss, and I’m running for mayor.

Santa Barbara is a remarkable, thriving city.  I plan to keep it that way.

Few American cities our size – 90,000 residents – can boast all we have to offer.  Think about it.  We have a first class airport with a new direct flight to Seattle, a great harbor, a brand new waterfront complex, thriving Funk Zone, miles of pristine beaches, wonderful surfing and 4,000-foot high mountains at our back.

The cultural opportunities are equal to those of cities ten times our size: A Natural History Museum, a historical museum, a maritime museum, a Botanical Garden, a fine art museum with world class sculpture and paintings, our own ballet and symphony, three theaters for professional and amateur productions, and a remarkable zoo.

We have weather the envy of every city in the nation, but most of all, we have the unique ambiance of the American Riviera.  No wonder everyone wants to come here!

As mayor, what would I do?

I would conserve all the wonderful things we have, to start with.

But I also aim to change a few things: I want to rejuvenate downtown with vibrant local businesses and even new rental units. I want to attract exciting retailers like the dynamic Nike Store in Westwood. And we need to continue our strong police presence downtown to curb offensive conduct and make downtown a more welcome place.

I would also like to see nice new apartments both for those beginning their professional lives and for people down-sizing from private homes.

I also aim to preserve and protect the quiet ambiance of our neighborhoods by discouraging illegal short-term rentals and encouraging off-street parking.

So you can better judge my candidacy, let me outline for you what I helped accomplish in nearly eight years in office:

  • Boosted the number of police from 126 to 142.
  • Stopped the installation of parking meters downtown.
  • Removed RV parking along Cabrillo Boulevard.
  • Got SCE to restore the Arlington Christmas Tree.
  • Halted a plan to pave trails in the Douglas Family Preserve.
  • Voted to privatize upkeep at the golf course;
  • Approved fair salaries for city employees while eliminating 80 city positions through attrition. We saved $80 million dollars that way.

Most importantly, it was at my urging that we began aggressively marketing Santa Barbara as a cruise ship destination. Only two ships stopped here when I first joined the Council. Since that time, there have been 150 visits, so many that it’s impossible to tally the exact benefit to our local economy, but certainly it’s in the tens of millions of dollars -- without putting one single car on our streets.

To some degree, cruise ship visits saved our local economy. I’m proud of that.

All this while being a minority member on council. So I can work successfully with others who may have different opinions and views.

As to our future -- we should:

  • Vote down the proposed 1% sales tax. There is no control over how the money will be spent.
  • Ensure water meant for Santa Barbarans from Lake Cachuma isn’t poured wastefully into the ocean.
  • Preserve our clean water and clear air.
  • Improve our streets.
  • And eventually, replace our 60-year-old police station.

Finally, Santa Barbara is a city for people who want to work to achieve their hopes and dreams legally. It is not a sanctuary that encourages illegal immigrants to come here to take jobs from our local, law-abiding citizenry.

So I ask for your vote to keep Santa Barbara the rare and wonderful place it is. Thank you.

Last Updated: Oct 17, 2017
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