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Hal Conklin

Meet Hal Conklin

Candidate Video Statement

My name is Hal Conklin and I am running for the Office of Mayor because I believe strongly in opening up the doors of City Hall and giving all of our citizens a change to have a voice in the decisions that will affect our future.

What issues are important to me?

It’s time for Santa Barbara to reclaim its position as the leader of the green economy.

I have spent my career promoting sustainable policies, and was the 1st Co-Director of Santa Barbara’s Community Environmental Council. Today, I am the President of USA Green Communities. I will stand up for our coast, our land use, renewable energy, transportation, and our history.

We need a plan for a 21st century sustainable economy.

The world of business is changing radically, and the decisions we make today are going to have long-lasting impacts on the economy, the jobs, and the environment of Santa Barbara. Planning for this future should NOT be left tothe decision-makers at City Hall alone – we need to bring the entire community together in this conversation in order to protect our history as well as our future.

We need a safe community for our families.

I raised my children here and educated them through Santa Barbara’s schools and colleges. I am committed to reducing violence, providing our police and fire with the facilities they need, protecting our neighborhoods, and offering educational programs for our families and children.

What do I bring to the table to make this happen?

I have served Santa Barbara for many years in the environmental, business, and non-profit sector, and I know how to get things done. I rebuilt landmarks such as Stearns Wharf and the Granada Theater, I co-founded the Cultural Arts District of Santa Barbara and oversaw the design of Paseo Nuevo, and became a national leader in building Green Communities with renewable energy.

I have worked all over the world in building civic democracy and teaching young leaders how to effectively build community support, and I served previously as the Mayor of Santa Barbara and as a member of the City Council.

Can we build a vibrant Santa Barbara for the future? I say, “Hal – Yes!”

I ask for your vote for Mayor of Santa Barbara on November 7th.

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