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Cathy Murillo

Cathy MurilloMeet Cathy Murillo

Candidate Video Statement

I'm Cathy Murillo and I'm running for Mayor of Santa Barbara to bring responsive and energetic leadership that will benefit all of our City's residents.

I'm a trusted candidate whom many of you know as a leader on the City Council.

I'm proud of my accomplishments during my public service: building back our fiscal reserves after the Great Recession, protecting our environment, supporting the business community, strengthening public safety.

Reserves are high, the crime rate is low. The City is in a strong place.

Yet challenges remain: the drought, homelessness, engaging and empowering the Latino electorate, and planning for long-term expenses such as infrastructure maintenance and pension liability.

I bring years of insight and experience dealing with these challenges.

In the community, I work closely with schools, non-profits, and other governmental agencies to improve the quality of life and prosperity of Santa Barbara families. I know how to bring people together to address problems and find solutions.

As Mayor my top priorities will be Job Creation and Economic Development, Enhancing Public Health and Safety, and Protecting Natural Resources and the Character of our Neighborhoods.

Because of my deep connection to the people and institutions in our City, I know these are the values and concerns that we share.

We all want a beautiful and economically vibrant Santa Barbara.

I will continue to work closely with organizations such as Women's Economic Ventures, or WEV, to promote small business development.

I also serve on the Economic Vitality Team of Santa Barbara County, a countywide economic development collaborative, that involves chambers of commerce, large employers, and financial institutions. Our goal is to bring good paying jobs to Santa Barbara County.

Supporting businesses and revitalizing State Street is a priority in my work as a Council member.

I am focusing on bringing housing to State Street -- an area that needs thoughtful innovation in the changing retail world.

Our Downtown must be a clean and friendly place to work or shop.

Addressing homelessness and reducing gang violence are part of my work promoting public health and safety.

Empowering youth and families means we offer robust library services and recreation programs, and that the City has a strong relationship with our schools. I am committed to providing healthy drinking water, and reliable and affordable municipal services.

I have consistently supported a strong and responsive police department and fire department. Our law enforcement officers and firefighters respond to emergencies, but also serve our community and ensure our safety.

I'm proud of our new police chief and her focus on community policing.

As Mayor, I will protect our natural environment and take good care of our creeks and beaches. Our public parks, open spaces, and urban forest must be protected for generations to come.

Our neighborhoods must be clean and safe, our roads well-maintained and patrolled for speeding and other behaviors that lower our quality of life.

We must provide housing opportunities, but at the same time, our City must not be overdeveloped.

Many individuals and organizations have endorsed my candidacy for Mayor.

As a champion for environmental protection, I have the endorsement of the Sierra Club.

As a leader in regional cooperation, I have the endorsement of the Mayors of Goleta and Carpinteria.

Because of my dedication to children and families, I am endorsed by the school board presidents of both the Santa Barbara and Goleta school districts.

Four of the five Goleta Water District directors support me for Mayor, recognizing my expertise and experience managing our precious water supplies.

My supporters come from all walks of life: teachers, business owners, faith leaders, members of organized labor.

I cherish our City, and am dedicating my life to public service.

I offer the energy, optimism, and experience to serve as your Mayor.

It's an incredible responsibility to serve on the City Council. I take this commitment seriously, and I want you, our residents, to know I care about you, your family, and your well-being.

I'd be honored to have your vote. Thank you.

Last Updated: Jul 6, 2018
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