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Jack Ucciferri

Jack Ucciferri Meet Jack Ucciferri

Candidate Video Statement

My name is Jack Ucciferri and I want to represent Santa Barbara’s 6th District. The 6th district is the youngest district in Santa Barbara and 75% of the voters are renters, like me. District 6 deserves a clear voice in City Hall.

We deserve a representative who will reinvigorate State Street by turning part of it into a pedestrian mall and providing low cost venues for local artisans to sell their products. Let’s have a whole block of State St. dedicated to food trucks. Let’s have a block of State St. as a permanent farmers market.

Let’s build new mixed-use housing right in the commercial core.

We deserve a representative who will tirelessly pursue commuter rail and will stop outmoded infrastructure projects that increase traffic on surface streets.

We deserve a representative who boldly supports bikesharing and home-sharing for the community enhancing 21st century business models that they are.

We deserve a representative who is both a renter and a Realtor and will fight for lower rents and Tenants’ Rights.

Santa Barbara’s Downtown District deserves a representative who will be singularly focused on the interests of the district and city,

not a career politician running for County Supervisor next year. Not someone who has conflicts of interests that force him to recuse himself on major issues facing the city.

Santa Barbara deserves a representative who will fight Cox Cable’s monopoly on broadband internet.

Having spent my career as an entrepreneur, socially responsible investor, sustainable transportation advocate, and I have the skills to reform our city budget and planning processes to prioritize the health and safety of children, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

District 6 deserves a voice. With your help I will represent our collective voice at City Hall.

Last Updated: Jul 6, 2018
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