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Aaron Solis

Aaron Solis Meet Aaron Solis

Candidate Video Statement

Hello. My name is Aaron Solis and I am a candidate for City Council to represent District 6. I am a teacher and coach at one of our amazing schools here in our community. This past spring I was talking with a group of students trying to convince them to get more involved with their school and be involved with their student government. In our conversation, one of them asked me, “Mr. Solis, what about you?” I went home that night and thought to myself, what about me? I wanted to set the correct example for my students so I decided to get more involved and run for office.

Now I realize I might not have as much experience as the other candidates, but then I realized I don’t need to be like them, I need to be like the citizens and voters of District 6. Like many of you, I rent an apartment. Like many of you, I probably work way too many hours for way too little pay. And like many of you, I have had times where I’ve struggled to make it here in this town.

So one of the problems with politics is the vast amount of money that is involved with it, at the federal, state, and local level.  That is why I am not seeking any endorsements or doing any fundraising to have a campaign war chest.

So please consider me, Aaron Solis, for your vote for City Council District 6.

Last Updated: Oct 16, 2017
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