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Jay D. Higgins

Jay D. HigginsMeet Jay D. Higgins

Candidate Video Statement

Hi folks, my name is Jay Higgins, and this November, I'd be honored to receive your vote for city council - in the new 4th district.

I came to Santa Barbara in 1986. And about 20 years ago, I was lucky enough to be able to buy a home in San Roque - and that's where I live now - a couple of blocks away from Peabody School.

I'm married and both of my kids are in our local public schools, in fact my son has one more year at Peabody.

I have a bachelor's degree in environmental studies and city planning from UCSB and master's degree in organizational management from Antioch, and am currently the chairman of our city's planning commission.

Before I share my vision with you... let me tell you about the 4th district... and what I've learned from walking it, and talking to many of you.

We have the best neighborhoods in the 4th... Upper East, Riviera, Eucalyptus Hill, San Roque - and even Coast Village Road. We have a lot of single family homes on mid-large sized lots with a lot of landscaping and trees. And many on hillsides with great views, and all of them seem to be in a high fire zone.

So if you love your neighborhood like I do mine... make sure you remember to vote for me.

My vision for Santa Barbara includes 5 basic points:

Our streets and sidewalks need to be repaired so that our kids feel safe walking to school, and oversized vehicles cannot be allowed to sleep overnight in our neighborhoods.

We have to expand our water supply, improve its quality from recent fires, and stop penalizing those who are trying to conserve with unreasonably high third tier rates - primarily those with families and those on fixed incomes.

State Street needs to be cleaned up and we need to roll out the red carpet for those businesses or restaurants that want to rehab our city's historic buildings downtown.

Public safety needs to be fully funded so that we're protected from wildfires and so that families can return to State Street.

Finally, traffic on Coast Village Road is a disaster and Caltrans needs to fix it - because businesses there are suffering and don't forget that they are part of our tax base.

Those are the big ticket items I'll work on for you - from the 4th district and for the city.

You can learn more about me at my website -

This November don't forget to vote for Jay Higgins, for families, water, State Street and our neighborhoods.

Last Updated: Oct 16, 2017
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