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Cruzito Herrera Cruz

Meet Cruzito Herrera Cruz Meet Cruzito Herrera Cruz

Here is the link to the candidate's video statement.

Cruzito Herrera Cruz
(805) 963-9476 

Hello. I am Cruzito Herrera Cruz. This is my political declaration and candidacy for newly created District One. Vote. My name appears FIRST on District One ballot. Thank you to all the previous nomination petition signers and all the Voters from Presidios Springs Senior homes for the political support. Si Se Puede!

Your civic support for Cruzito Herrera Cruz has helped me as a grass-roots candidate make a positive political difference in the newly created District Based Election voting system. My previous political elections candidacy attempts always pushed to legally set-up the foundation for District Based Election model, as per constitutional law and my political dream. This has been politically accomplished and implemented locally.

Today, "District-Based Elections" will provide greater "transparency and accountability'' to our local district councilmember(s). The City of Santa Barbara is a better political voting system because of the access to district councilmember(s) it will create. Clearly it is publically documented that Eastside and Westside districts are still lacking from public leadership. The newly created districts will counter the historical political marginalization from past councilmembers and, as a result today, all Santa Barbarians know who will be publically responsible to execute their district duties in our City governance.

As a candidate for local office in District One, my candidacy THREE POINT PLAN.

  1. First, to be a public steward and make increases in City budgets to adult, youth, & educational services.
  2. Second, work in improving & supporting our City's public infrastructure in all Districts.
  3. Third, be fiscally conservative & responsible in the financial management of our City's operating budget.

As a candidate I will focus on this Three Point Plan. The future challenges in District One is recovering basic public services and future vision of the "Property and Business Improvement District" in the Milpas Corridor. The public solution is to provide political TLC with a strong focus on policies, budgetary allotments, and creating public investments to fund District One Management Plan. Current city revenues and taxes can self-fund the future's public infrastructure and community programming needed in our District One.

In conclusion, I, Cruzito Herrera Cruz, would be honored to earn your vote. With your vote, I will be a public steward in the City of Santa Barbara, California.

Vote for Cruzito Herrera Cruz on November 3th, 2015 for Santa Barbara City Council District One.

Thanks Mom!

Last Updated: Feb 1, 2016
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