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Andria Martinez Cohen

Meet Andria Martinez Cohen Meet Andria Martinez Cohen

Here is the link to the candidate's video statement.

Andria Martinez Cohen
(805) 698-8005

Hi, my name is Andria Martinez Cohen.

I am running for City Council in Santa Barbara’s First District to expand opportunities and empower the residents of the Eastside.

The Eastside needs a stronger voice at City Hall to bring a more inclusive and accessible government to a traditionally underrepresented area. My top priorities both in my district and citywide are to maintain safe and healthy neighborhoods, protect renters increase affordable housing opportunities, help small businesses revitalize our economy, and protect our environment.

I have been living in Santa Barbara and working in economic development for a decade; first at Women’s Economic Ventures, where I helped entrepreneurs obtain access to capital to start and expand their businesses stimulating local job creation.

I now work for a national non-profit organization, called National Development Council, where our mission is to utilize innovative financing structures to promote sustainable development, create good jobs, and build better housing. I am really excited to bring this unique and much needed expertise to the City Council.

I have a multi-cultural background and speak Spanish fluently. Some of my volunteer work includes preparing income tax returns for immigrants in our community and also teaching financial literacy to Spanish speakers. My budget and finance experience will help ensure our City is financially strong, and able to provide the services city residents want and deserve.

I will listen to the public, and collaborate with the city staff and policymakers so that we work together for all the residents and businesses in a transparent and productive manner.

I will fight to see that Eastside residents receive the services their tax dollars pay for in order to address specific issues like trash dumping, graffiti removal; speeding, illegal parking as well as improved street lighting and greater enforcement of building codes.

I will also work to see that there is greater education and outreach to tenants and Spanish speakers regarding important city services like water conservation, recycling and public transportation.

Additionally, I will work to expand opportunities for our young people, including recreational programs, internships and job training programs.

Santa Barbara is such an amazing place to call home. My husband and I worked hard to purchase our first home here and establish roots to raise our family on the Eastside. I am passionate about protecting the quality of life in our community, and protecting our precious natural resources.

I am dedicated to making our neighborhood a better place for all of us.

I am Andria Martinez Cohen, and I would be honored to have your vote.

Last Updated: Jul 6, 2018
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