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Luis Esparza

Luis Esparza Meet Luis Esparza

Here is the link to the candidate's video statement.

Luis Esparza                           

Hello, I’m Luis Esparza, city council candidate for the newly-created District 2. Born and raised on the Mesa, my upbringing, education and professional training make me well-suited to understand and advocate for the needs of our neighborhood, and of Santa Barbara citizens as a whole. I seek to follow a family tradition of civil service with siblings in law enforcement, city administration, and public education. I am a local small business owner having maintained a private law practice the past dozen years. Throughout my career, I have volunteered with local non-profits and governmental entities such as City of Santa Barbara advisory groups. Currently, my public service includes the 2015 &16 county civil grand jury and the Santa Barbara City College Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee. Both exhibit my strong belief that our government, especially our local government, should always remain accountable to the electorate, to the people.

As your District 2 representative, I will work with the entire council, regardless of ideology, (1) to encourage reasonable use of our land and natural resources, (2) to improve public services and city infrastructure, and (3) to exercise sound fiscal management that is not dependent on the current favorable economic climate.    

City-wide, I will continue Santa Barbara’s tradition, as the birthplace of the environmental movement, to protect our natural resources, and keep our land, water and air clean for future generations. I will promote the adoption of new technologies consistent with the City’s recent steps toward Community Choice Energy. I will advocate for updates to the municipal code that make the zoning ordinance easier to understand, better organized and uniformly applied to the needs of our growing community. I will assure such growth is equitable and increases residential ownership and rental opportunities for all income levels. Due attention will be placed on vulnerable segments of our population, especially kids and seniors, whose programs are often the first to be cut when funding does not meet expectations. Our City residents expect and deserve restoration of library, parks and recreational opportunities.

District-wide, I seek to build upon recent improvements to the Mesa and its surrounding areas. I support further re-striping of Cliff Drive, from Meigs Road westward towards Flora Vista Drive, to enhance safety and encourage pedestrian and bicycle use. At a minimum, another cross-walk is likely needed in the area. I intend to foster the growth of community spirit and cooperate with the Mesa Business Association and Mesa Architects to identify areas of improvement for commerce and public spaces. And to renew focus on Cabrillo Blvd., our beautiful harbor and the industry it provides for.

I encourage all of you to timely mail in your ballot, and respectfully ask District 2 to vote Esparza for City Council in the 2015 municipal election. Thank you.

Last Updated: Feb 1, 2016
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