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Cathy Murillo

Meet Cathy Murillo Meet Cathy Murillo

Here is the link to the candidate's video statement.

Cathy Murillo
(805) 569-3179

Hello. I'm Cathy Murillo.

It has been my honor to serve you on the Santa Barbara City Council for the past 4 years. I ask for your vote again - so I may return to continue my public service.

I have worked to enhance Santa Barbara’s quality of life, economic vitality, and natural environment.

I have made budget and policy decisions with a focus on our children, our families, seniors, and improving services to under-served areas like the Westside, my home district.

In addition to working hard for the Westside, I have made thoughtful and fair decisions that affect our Residents Citywide.

Under my leadership, the City's budget is balanced, and we are once again saving money in our Reserve Accounts, after the Great Recession.

I voted to set aside funds to repair our aging infrastructure, and for street and sidewalk repairs.

Enhancing our libraries and parks is always a priority for me. I have restored funding and resources for these important services.

The libraries are now open again on Mondays. And our new Children's Library – a fantastic public/private collaboration has recently opened. What an asset to our families, and our community.

Crime is down, and gang violence is in a remarkable decline. Working with families, youth-service providers, and the faith community, I helped found the Pro-Youth Movement.

We are a community-based effort promoting gang prevention and intervention.

In terms of addressing homelessness, the City offers a strong policing presence ... as well as assistance when a person needs help with addiction or mental illness.

Focusing on the Westside -

I secured funding to improve the fields and facilities at Bohnett Park, and to create our new park in West Downtown. I also funded improvements at Parque de los Niños in the Lower Westside.

Working with a newly revitalized neighborhood association, I am improving the health and safety of our neighborhood; focusing on graffiti removal, trash clean up, and assessing the need for more street lighting.

I am committed to strong enforcement of building code violations, trash dumping, speeding and other traffic safety issues through better community policing. I support City programs that protect renters and promote affordable housing, while preserving the unique feel of our community policing.

Our young people need economic opportunities - I have fought to fund and enhance the City's youth apprenticeship and job training programs.

And I've worked on behalf of small businesses that diversify our economy and provide new jobs.

I am always available to speak with City residents, making City Hall accessible and responsive to you.

I ask for your vote and support. Thank you.

Last Updated: Feb 1, 2016
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