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Sharon Byrne

Meet Sharon Byrne Meet Sharon Byrne

Here is the link to the candidate's video statement.

Sharon Byrne
(805) 636-0475

The Westside needs a voice. With District Elections, we have an opportunity to empower Westside residents and get representation in City government.

As a community activist, instead of going to my government, I brought our government into the neighborhood. As a Council member, I will engage Westside residents and businesses, and work hard to address their concerns. I can get things done in Santa Barbara. I’ve revitalized our under-served communities and improved quality of life. I organized my Westside neighborhood, reduced crime and graffiti, and brought public art into our community. As Executive Director of the Milpas Community Association, I’ve increased pedestrian safety, organized neighborhood cleanups, increased public safety, and produced fun holiday events for everyone. I’ve successfully reduced the impacts of homelessness in our community. I’ve won national awards for neighborhood revitalization. I’m excited about bringing these victories to our Westside neighborhood, and our city. Neighborhoods make up Santa Barbara, but the city is managed as a whole. I will ensure we are financially strong and the city remains safe and clean. I know we must protect what makes Santa Barbara special. I’m ready to do that on day one. I’d be honored to have your vote.

Last Updated: Feb 1, 2016
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