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Jacqueline Inda

Meet Jacqueline IndaMeet Jacqueline Inda

Here is the link to the candidate's video statement.

Jacqueline Inda
(805) 364-2423

Hello, my name is Jacqueline Inda and I'm running for Santa Barbara City Council.

I'm running because I'm the only local woman running for City ouncil and I want to represent our community correctly. I have been a community advocate for all of my life. I’ve been working with all of the different structures that we have in the city to effectively go in, listen to our community, and respond appropriately.

We have been able to do really wonderful things in his community, like the gun buyback. We were able to go in and address an issue that we had in our community with suicides and homicides related to those kinds of weapons and we created a nonpartisan way to make sure people have a safe way to remove those things from the streets. I worked for the National Red Cross and I also supported the local Red Cross for almost a decade, and I understand the value of education.

Getting our community to unite when it comes to disasters and when it comes to all of the efforts that we have where we want to voice our opinion, that’s the magic of this city. But it comes with building resources and it comes with building coalitions. That's what happened when the youth in the city were committing suicide, we were able to voice and hear what our families had to say and create the kind of community response teams that would go out into our community. This wasn't an effort that I took on alone, this was an effort that all of our community did together. I chose to get involved because I knew what was right to make sure that we needed that voice.

I know that our community is going to be greater because of district elections. Why? because for the first time we can have a local person on the eastside run an effective campaign and have an opportunity to run and maybe even get into office. Imagine the kind of community we're going to have when we tell our youth, our children, our grandchildren that now they have an opportunity to grow up in a neighborhood, to do things that are right for it, and then run with that kind of community support.

Yes I am running for office, and yes, I am one of the people that created district elections. Why? because it's important to make a difference in this community.

I appreciate your vote, my office is located on Milpas Street, and is open to those who want more information.

I am here for you. Thank you.

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