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Lesley Wiscomb - City Council Candidate

Meet Lesley WiscombMeet Lesley Wiscomb

Here is the link to the candidate's video statement.

Hello, I’m Lesley Wiscomb, candidate for City Council.

Santa Barbara is an extraordinary city with a rich heritage, scenic and architectural beauty, diversity, a vibrant cultural life and its wonderful small-town feel. These qualities give Santa Barbara its very special character – a character that’s unsurpassed anywhere in our country. These qualities are also essential to our economic vitality, and we must manage our City carefully to keep them from being eroded away. The city’s small town feel must be preserved and development carefully guided.

Gang violence, aggressive panhandlers and long-term budget pressures from both pension liabilities and maintenance backlogs jeopardize our quality of life and our economic well-being. We must have the right resources in place to ensure our public safety, to continue to restore our economic vibrancy, build our reserves, and be a leader in environmental stewardship. We must continue to help our young people by supporting programs and services that help assist them on the right path towards successful adulthood.

To achieve these goals, we must continue to build on recent successes while reaching further for additional cost-effective, long-term solutions to our issues. I'll ensure your dollars are spent wisely and transparently.

I’m in my 4th year as chair of the city’s Park and Recreation Commission.  I study issues carefully, listen to all points of view and make thoughtful decisions based on what’s best for our community.I’ll continue to work with our neighborhoods to help develop sound solutions to each one’s specific issues. City Council needs members with proven skills and real-world experience. I will be a fresh presence on City Council and will bring expertise in both finance and in landscape architecture, having had successful careers in both fields.

In the world of finance, I analyzed companies’ financial statements and gained knowledge of economics useful in evaluating city budgets. As a landscape architect, I designed city parks and managed their construction. And, I worked intensively with communities to find solutions to issues that inevitably arise in public projects. I know how to bring people of differing opinions together and how to work effectively with others. City Council should be a team that works together to make solid decisions and implement sound policies focused on making Santa Barbara the very best it can be - now and for the future.   

I will work full-time for you and our City.

I’m not beholden to any political party - only to you and this special place we call home.

I would be honored to have your vote.  Thank you.


Last Updated: Feb 1, 2016
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